Exposes Europe’s Red Devil stars agreed to sign Real Madrid! This week declared

The Aspen daily quoted Norway daily messages from the Drammens Tidende, Norway Supernova Odegard (Martin PI degaard) has decided to sign a contract with Real Madrid, local time, on Monday evening or Tuesday morning, Odegard siteluomujiasite Club Club Real Madrid and the formal coming into operation of the deal, Odegard at between 2.3 million and 3.4 million euro transfer fee.


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Although the Red Nova holding Europe’s arsenal, Bayern Munich, Liverpool’s contract, but Odegard eventually decided to join Real Madrid; it is reported that after signing the Castilla team Odegard will play for Real Madrid, but he will train with the Real Madrid first team together.

Odegard had decided to immediately fly to Madrid, Norway daily DT also confirmed that “the two sides will announce the deal this week. ”

In addition to signing Odegard, Real Madrid will also offer a job for his father, signing along with father Odegard.