Mourinho has questioned Manchester City signing Bernie: compliance with fiscal equity

Manchester City this week announced a $ 25 million pounds to sign Bernie, Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho expressed his own views.


The Premier League champions and the striker signed for a duration of 4.5 years, contracts of up to 100,000 pounds a week, but Mourinho questioned the city’s compliance with the principle of fiscal equity. Portugal said: “Bernie is a very good striker. If the city had the money, and abide by the principle of fiscal equity, that’s a very good deal. Rules are different for Manchester City. ”

Chelsea will play Swansea this week, although the other lost Bernie, but Mourinho believes his team will face a tough test. He said: “the Swansea are a great team, they do not rely on one player. Lost Ecclestone does not mean that we would be faced with less trouble. ”