Korea coach: host, try to win, eight touches everyone

Korea coach Stielike took part in the third round of the group stage his pre-match press conference. He said that group first, Korea team will go all out. Meanwhile, he also revealed that the 8 who are strong opponents of the war and have no special expectations.

Talking about the final group game, Stielike said: “both teams into the last eight, so the pressure will be less. I hope that both teams should go all out to finish the race, get tickets to watch the ball fans. ”

Stielike said: “starting from tomorrow, the current Asian Cup will be more exciting and fun, over the past five days, the Korea team a lot of problems, particularly injuries and cold affect a player’s game. But the whole team is going all out to prepare for the game. If you had asked me to join Australia’s game important, or eight knockout is important, I will certainly answer the playoffs is even more critical. But this does not mean that tomorrow’s game is not important. In order to group, Korea team will go all out. And send whoever plays tomorrow, according to the players trained in the day to decide. ”