Noyle: don’t mind Levan’s choice, this is not a problem

Flight from Zurich to Doha yesterday continued to participate in winter training Manuel Neuer and Robben attended a press conference today, at the press conference, Neuer said that she would not mind if teammates Lewandowski Mariusz FIFA 15 coins Golden Globes ballot choices.
Levan in his FIFA 15 coins Golden Globes ballot will first vote for the Real Madrid star Ronaldo, in this regard, Neuer said he does not mind: “I am very happy to be able to go there, it was a great night, I heard of Levan’s vote, this is not a problem, but also very reasonable, he may choose any one. Stop talking about the Golden Globe Awards topic, it’s a pretty fair result, everything was good. ”

Team-mate Arjen Robben said: “Levan’s choice is not a problem, every fan has their own opinions, to finish in the top three is a great honor. ”