Chelsea Shouldn’t Gerrard

Gerrard left Liverpool after the announcement at the end of the season, a few days ago, once played for 7 seasons at Liverpool’s Danny Murphy said Liverpool contract talks did not show enough sincerity in his view, should not be treated in such a way Steven Gerrard of Liverpool.

When in an interview with talkSPORT, Mr Murphy said: “look at Steven Gerrard in last season’s performance, he is still a very good player. Maybe Steven Gerrard believes that Liverpool should open immediately after the end of last season to renew negotiations. ”

“But Liverpool put off contract talks until the end of the year. In fact, Liverpool can at this stage to Gerrard for a new contract, it is only because he has stated before, his contract negotiations haven’t made any progress. In my opinion, Liverpool Football Club, as well as Rogers, long considered Gerrard after leaving the team’s situation. ”

“Of course, each coach will have his coaching ideas, while Rogers will not take the initiative to stand up and say: ‘ let Gerrard left was my decision. ’”

“However, Liverpool’s Gerard way I feel a little uncomfortable. Frank Lampard Chelsea faced a similar situation. Club would always say: ‘ we’re not not give them new contracts ‘, however, such new contracts always mean less pay. ”

“You shouldn’t treat a player who has devoted his entire professional career for the Club. ”