Christmas The Latest Investment Of FIFAut 15 – Your Unexpected Income

Merry Christmas! We can do our fist FIFA 15 investment at the beginning of 2015. Yesterday, EA announced the best player TOTW 15, so surprise, almost all players who mediocre and affordable you can use. OK, let’s check this week’s TOTW and how to choose investments.

David Silva, Lacazette, Griezmann, Naldo belong SIF card, Pedro, Vidal, Hamouma, Lopez are also the choose of regular players for IF Card. So this investment guide is mainly for EA ordinary players in this week.
The investment recommendation: SIF David Silva, SIF Griezmann, IF Vidal

SIF David Silva
The role of Silva is very wide that more like by Premier League players, meanwhile, he also can be well connected with the Spanish players, make him have a good chemical reaction number. The price of IF Silva on PC is around 700k before, now his market price is around 900K, if you do not buy him now, maybe you will cost 2000K to buy SIF Silva after the FIFA 15 Christmas activities to an end. So he would be a good investment, of course, you have to polish your eyes do not miss the IF 88 Silva in FUT 15 event this week.

SIF Griezmann
If you have SIF ST Ronaldo, Suarez, then you may not need him, but for ordinary players who no expensive Ronaldo, so they need SIF Griezmann. There is a need to have business opportunities. Griezmann can run can jump, good finishing ability and the heading ability is outstanding. Do you can buy Suarez, Ronaldo with 300K coins? SIF Griezmann > Suarez, his price also will be higher than the price of Suarez after this week.

These days of this week, players will begin a modest price according to X1 and PS4 Christmas events. Vidal would exceed the price of 500K until next week’s TOTW. Another if you have enough FIFA 15 Coins, please pay attention to the previous TOTW cards, some players will cut prices.