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In 2014, will soon be over, United Kingdom, the daily mail of thePremier League team in this year‘s performance is reviewed. WithLiverpool in 2014, is somewhat low, Liverpool‘s goal in the first halffor the Premier League champions, but last-minute short. But thisseason‘s results have fallen sharply, currently only came in 8th placein the Premier League standings, even Champions League qualificationfor next season seemed out of reach.

2014 Review Of Liverpool: Steven Gerrard Slipped And Lost The Crown

In 2014will soon be over, United Kingdomthe daily mail of thePremier League team in this year‘s performance is reviewed. WithLiverpool in 2014is somewhat low, Liverpool‘s goal in the first halffor the Premier League champions, but lastminute short. But thisseason‘s results have fallen sharply, currently only came in 8th placein the Premier League standings, even Champions League qualificationfor next season seemed out of reach.
Liverpool 2014 year in review
Gerrard fatal fall moments
Suarez left the Club Barcelona
Best manager in the Premier League last seasonRogers suffered an unprecedented crisis of confidence


Top Six Bundesliga Half Keyword Summary

The Bundesliga‘s second half officially ending into the long winterbreak. In the form of 26 keywords review the just-concluded two thousand fourteen-fifteenths takes you on a wonderful season Bundesligahalfway.

A-AsianPower (Asian powers)


B-Berlin blackstriker (Hertha Berlin black striker)


C-Choupo-Moting (Schalke striker ChoupaultMorting)


D-De Bruyne (Wolfsburg playmaker debulaonei)


E-Earphone (headphones)


F-Five (Bayern Munich‘s forward Quintet)


G-Goalkeeper (goalkeeper)


FIFA news:Bayern Brain Drop 10 Million Euro Top

Recently Germany the Bundesliga players voted for 2014 the transfermarketdecline in value list, Xabi Alonso to join Bayern this summerdespite the outstanding performance, but it’s still down 10 millioneuro decline topped the ranking, Hamburg midfielder Rafael van der Vaart and Valon Behrami down 8 million euro ranked tied for second.
Bayern Munich to put on an 11point lead over half the game, Alonsojoined from Real Madrid this summer and the club almost seamlessly, andhe soon became the absolute playmaker of the team, record the number ofpasses, made 15 appearances scoring 1 goal 2 assists, a 23foot keypasses.

Alonso entered the transfer market ranked the second half of theBundesliga team, highest rated the best defensive midfielder forBundesliga‘s official website at 61% the absolute advantage inelection. Howeverdespite Alonso so well, but after all, he was 33years old, worth 18 million euros at the beginning of the yeardownfrom the current 8 million euro, declining by as much as 10 millioneuros.

Christmas The Latest Investment Of FIFAut 15 – Your Unexpected Income

Merry Christmas! We can do our fist FIFA 15 investment at the beginning of 2015. Yesterday, EA announced the best player TOTW 15, so surprise, almost all players who mediocre and affordable you can use. OK, let’s check this week’s TOTW and how to choose investments.

David Silva, Lacazette, Griezmann, Naldo belong SIF card, Pedro, Vidal, Hamouma, Lopez are also the choose of regular players for IF Card. So this investment guide is mainly for EA ordinary players in this week.
The investment recommendation: SIF David Silva, SIF Griezmann, IF Vidal

SIF David Silva
The role of Silva is very wide that more like by Premier League players, meanwhile, he also can be well connected with the Spanish players, make him have a good chemical reaction number. The price of IF Silva on PC is around 700k before, now his market price is around 900K, if you do not buy him now, maybe you will cost 2000K to buy SIF Silva after the FIFA 15 Christmas activities to an end. So he would be a good investment, of course, you have to polish your eyes do not miss the IF 88 Silva in FUT 15 event this week.

SIF Griezmann
If you have SIF ST Ronaldo, Suarez, then you may not need him, but for ordinary players who no expensive Ronaldo, so they need SIF Griezmann. There is a need to have business opportunities. Griezmann can run can jump, good finishing ability and the heading ability is outstanding. Do you can buy Suarez, Ronaldo with 300K coins? SIF Griezmann > Suarez, his price also will be higher than the price of Suarez after this week.

These days of this week, players will begin a modest price according to X1 and PS4 Christmas events. Vidal would exceed the price of 500K until next week’s TOTW. Another if you have enough FIFA 15 Coins, please pay attention to the previous TOTW cards, some players will cut prices.

Enjoy Better FUT Mode with Cheap Coins

fifa tips

FUT Mode is really popular in FIFA 15 and we are here today to discuss some possible problems that we may concern with there, welcome to turn to us when you need FIFA Coins and other game related problems. We are here for your service in a 24 hour round every day.

How to get involved in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team?
Complete the following three steps and then you will get into FUT Mode.
1. Purchase a authorised edition of FIFA 15.
2. Choose “FUT Mode” in the menu and you will see detailed instructions there.
3. Set and create a security code.

How to loan players in FIFA 15 FUT Mode?
When you create a club in FIFA 15 the first time, you have the chance to choose to loan a player or not, other players will be unlocked in the catalogue of the club. You can see from the player card directly if you want to know how many games the loaned player can be in. the time of the loaning is different from players, it is determined by the value of the player.

Where to get cheap FIFA 15 coins?
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Top 3 Techniques to Build FUT 15 Hybrid Squad with High Chemistry


By definition, a hybrid team is a squad built with players of different leagues and nationalities. They are difficult to build and unless you already have some experience, you will spend lots of time and FIFA coins trying to make a hybrid squad with high chemistry. In this article we will try to help you with hybrid squads. We will share three tricks with you that will speed up the process.

Squad’s Split Technique
The hybrid squads are the most perfect. They allow us to go to other leagues and look for players to complete the positions we need. If built well, a hybrid team can join good chemistry via a bigger variety of quality players. Building a hybrid team with good chemistry may not be easy. This technique consists, if the formation allows us, in cutting the team in half. Each side is filled with players from one league or one nationality. That is enough to get high chemistry, because there will be no player with more than one dead link.

Key Players Technique
There are some formations that are more favourable for building a hybrid team with high chemistry. It’s the case of the 4-2-3-1 formation, for having two key elements that allows split the team in two. These players should have characteristics that connect well with any of the two parts. In that way, it is possible to do something similar to the Squad’s Split Technique but the formation doesn’t need to be divisible and without the chemistry problems of the players that make the connection between the two leagues and/or two nationalities.

Perfect Links Technique
The most experienced players can build a team that apparently presents just few things in common between the players. Unlike others, the perfect links technique is not based on a league or nationality but on hyper links. The same is to say that each player needs to be connected, at least, with a team mate from the same country and same club. For players with three or less connections, it is enough to get a strong link. The squads of this technique is the most fantastic since it is possible to have more than 6 leagues and nationalities in the same single team.