Get Cheap ESO Gold to Experience Patch v1.4.6

There are lots of new and interesting content to add in Elder Scrolls Online Update v1.4.6, including Light Armor the addition of weapon Dual Wield,Bow,and Two Handed Critical Charge and so on.As ESO players, you can experience more adventures in the version.


Here are lots of quests are added to the new patch
Bangkorai:Fixed an issue where Septima Tharn could become stuck on the pillars in The Far Shores, blocking your quest progress.
Craglorn:1).Szeknorist will no longer respawn instantly.
2).Celestial Rifts will now reset properly if the monsters get stuck.
3).Elemental Army: All group members will now be able to enter the Air Monarch chamber and help defeat the boss, as long as at least one group member is on the appropriate quest step.
4).The Warrior’s Call: All group members will now be able to enter the Crypt of Tarish-Zi as long as at least one group member meets the requirements to enter. We also fixed an issue where you could miss credit for defeating Tarish-Zi if your other group members progressed along the quest too quickly.

Deshaan:Fighting Back: Fixed an issue where Star could despawn during the quest step to follow her.
Fighters Guild:The Prismatic Core: Fixed an issue where the portal to enter the mission would sometimes only show a quest marker, but not the actual portal. We also fixed an issue where if Merric got stuck after the wave event, he would never reach Aelif in order to continue the quest.
Greenshade:Handmade Guardians: Fixed an issue where your guardian would sometimes not fight other guardians.
Reapers March:1).The Moonlit Path: Fixed an issue where the Green Lady would get stuck if she took too much damage.
2).Two Moons Path: Fixed an issue where you could get stuck outside the playable area after climbing rocks.

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