The best choice to build house for ArcheAge Solis Headlands of Haranya Trading

Solis Headlands is one of three major ports map in Archeage east continents Haranya, also is the first choice to build house in east continent for trading. It has a subtropical climate, the level of monster is LV20-LV24, and is the protected zone.

You can sail on three sides in Solis Headlands to earn much money for trading, but the residential area rather scattered, so it is a problem that where is the best place to building house in archeage Solis Headlands. Below there are 6 places your can choose to building your house for trading easy and convenience.

AA Map

The first place you can build your house on water, the second place in hills, have a farmland dedicated area, the third and fourth place is a big residential area you can build your house and the specialty table in here, it is a bit far if you want to go to the north. What’s more, there is a road (red arrow) you can walk to sea directly, very convenient. The fifth and sixth place are also the big place to build house, but farther from the west continent unless you have a ship.

Solis Headlands is the nearest map from the Sanddeep of archeage west continent Nuia, with a high profit, so this is the main trade line for trading in Haranya, and the farmland and house as a transit point for trading to go to Sanddeep of west continent. If you are a player who likes trade and want to earn much ARCHEAGE GOLD fast, please choose a piece of land first time in this map location by the sea when the Archeage open beta in September. Why the house or land near the sea is the most important? Because you have to put things onto the ship if you on sail, and the land is used to put specialty. So fast choose a nice land it is very important thing and will impact you on the game late.