First Step Guide and Skill Rotation of the Warrior Class

One thing that makes Wildstar Online different that other MMORPGS is every class is either a DPS/Tank or DPS/healer mix. Yet, there are still enough differences between how each class approaches these roles that the game play remains fresh. Race has absolutely no effect on how powerful you are (if only it were such in real life!), so feel free to pick whatever race you like the best. The consensus for warriors at the moment is that the DPS build is a far better role to players. Of course, this can always change post-beta. 


The road to being the ultimate warrior is going to be slow at first; however, this seems to falter around level thirty or so. This seems to be the case in many MMORPGs. There aren’t as many skills for them to utilize. For example, low level warriors are limited to spamming regular attacks such as Relentless Attacks which is almost the same with Telekinetic Strike from the Esper. Developers do this in order to help the players get better at their roles incrementally and not be overwhelmed.

Brutality is the without a doubt the best stat for the warrior to focus on, and seems to be the consensus among players. It helps with attack power and makes it quicker for the player to level up in the long run. Kinetic energy is the resource that warriors harness and it is important to build up.

Here is a “rotation” that is good to follow if you decide to play as this class. A rotation is basically what players refer to the order of skills to use when engaging in battle. First, the warrior should begin each encounter using the dash/sprint skill, or leap. Follow up this move by using Relentless Strikes to build up kinetic energy, then use power strike. A good rule to follow is to allow Power Strike to take priority of any other moves. After using this move, follow up with more Relentless Strikes or Bolstering Strikes to build up that sorely needed kinetic energy. Watch your innate, and make sure it is activated after a Power Strike for an extra 25% bonus in damage.

There are many rune sets available for warrior gameplay, and as of now the best set seems to be Assassin 12/12 and Weapon 12/12 rune sets. Of course, you should always feel free to experiment with your own rune sets. However players have been experimenting with these for quite some time since even before beta, and have found this to be extremely optimal for warriors.

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