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Unknowingly, the Elder Scrolls Online has been launched for almost a month. In the first month of ESO, there are praises, complaints and hard working. Here, there is a summary to the past and an advance notice to the future updates in ESO. If you want to gain a new game play experience, ESO-Gold will offer the cheapest Elder Scrolls Online gold to you.

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What happens in ESO in the past month?
In the real world, there are still so many variations. So are ESO. No one can address all bugs before its launch. In the past month, ZOS has been working hard to find and fix these issues already, and they have successfully fixed many quest blockers, especially in zone, NPC guild, and main story quests.

At present, the first update has been launched on PTS for a week. Update 1 contains not only Craglorn, the first Adventure Zone, but also many tweaks and bug fixes.
As for the first Adventure Zone, Craglorn is created for groups of Veteran Rank characters, and 12-player Trials for Veteran Rank characters feature completion time leadboards.

Besides, there is a Death recap to help players find out the reason why they are defeated. Death recap will tell you who killed you, and what ability they were using.
In Cyrodii, players who fight in a lower population can get more Alliance Points.
In addition, there are some tweaks in animation, combat ability, class ability and content bugs.

What content may be added in the next month?
Except for fixing bugs and balance tweaks, there is a plan to update in 2014. Most obviously, two new Veteran Dungeons, Crypt of Hearts and City of Ash, may be added in the game. Besides, grouped players can see each other even when they are not in the same phase. Besides, there may be some tweaks in Spellcrafting, Horse Racing, Crafting System, NPC facial animations, and the improved looking for Group system etc.

Given the continuous improvement of the ESO content, players should buy ESO gold to gain the new game play experience. You can get the cheap elder scrolls online gold at ESO-Gold.

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