Elder Scrolls Online AMA discusses bug fixes, housing, spellcrafting, and more


The Elder Scrolls Online’s Paul Sage, Matt Firor, Rich Lambert, Brian Wheeler, and Nick Konkle descended upon Reddit today along with a bevy of community managers to run another ask-me-anything, perfectly timed after the release of this morning’s release of ZeniMax’s plans for the game in 2014. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Spellcrafting will involve the rediscovering of “traditional” Elder Scrolls schools of magic, like alteration and destruction.
  • Wheeler hinted that aesthetic changes might be en route for the Imperial City.
  • There are no current plans for smaller scale PvP zones or dueling.
  • Grouping, werewolf, quest achievement, and PvP vampire issues are being worked on. SLI support arrives with Craglorn.
  • Lambert confirmed the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood will have their own skill lines.
  • There’s no time-frame for player housing right now. “We want to do it right,” Community Manager Jessica Folsom said. Guar mounts are also planned sans timeline.
  • Aside from weekly stability patches and “after the dust settles,” the team still plans content updates every four to six weeks.

The complete AMA is on Reddit for your review.

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