Reflection perfection in The Elder Scrolls Online


“Take a picture of a picture in an MMO,” I said to you guys a couple of weeks ago, and darn it if you awesome folks didn’t come through! We have two entries from that screenshot challenge this week, starting with reader Chiara taking a look at her good looks in Lord of the Rings Online.

“One of the things that impressed me the most when Riders of Rohan launched was the furniture,” Chiara wrote. “I spent the whole day breaking into NPCs’ houses uninvited (they weren’t amused). The first time I saw a mirror, I squealed.”

I’m squealing right now myself, but that’s mostly because a mouse just ran across the ceiling tiles. I need to throw a cat up between the floors one of these days to solve that problem. Anyway, let’s take a gander at the other great entires from players’ screenshot folders!

Blade and Soul continues to demonstrate how there is no shortage of incredible-looking MMOs being made in Korea. This shot comes from reader Dibbs, who appreciates the option not to look completely perfect.

“Here is my Jin Assassin taking a moment to take in the wonderful view before killing everything, again,” Dibbs said. “She is probably the only female character that has a scar on the left side of her face. Who says women can’t look amazing with scars?”

Will we ever see this game over here? No? Well, OK then.

Here’s another picture-of-a-picture, this one from reader Vestus: “Hi! This weekend I returned toNeverwinter after around seven months away in an effort to combat the World of Warcraft pre-expansion doldrums. I made a hunter ranger, fun class. In answer to this week’s request for screenshots, I submit this one from the Orc Barracks in the Temple District zone. Everything in the Barracks is trashed or on fire, yet this single painting appears to be untouched. Why?”

Because it’s magic, that’s why. A wizard did it. Any other questions?

Our characters should really thank us for taking them on a non-stop tour of the most impressive sights of the world. You know they’d be total couch potatoes that never left the house if we didn’t make them. Too bad someone doesn’t do that for us?

Reader John shared this vista: “Here is Kulono, who is still only level 8 in Elder Scrolls Online. He’s leveling very slowly because he keeps stopping to read books and admire sunsets on a regular schedule. The joys of living in Tamriel.”

Our screenshot challenge of the week is to dance, dance, dance… and take a picture of your character getting funky with his or her old bad self!

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