Which NPC is the most annoying in TESO?

ESO's Angier Stower

“Do you know the old saying? ‘Neither a borrower or a lender be?’ Rubbish! Without borrowers and lenders, how would we ever be able to buy or sell anything? But pardon me. Welcome to the bank of Daggerfall.”

So says one Angier Stower, clerk for Elder Scrolls Online’s aforementioned institution and quite possibly the most annoying NPC I’ve ever encountered. It’s not that she feels the need to justify her existence to me every time I need to use the bank, it’s that she just… keeps… talking. And talking. And talking. Going through that entire spiel in full voiceover mode every time I open the banking UI.

She’s so annoying that some enterprising soul has made a mod designed expressly to shut her the hell up! So thanks very much for that, Wobin. How about it, Massively readers? Who’s your pick for the most annoying NPC of all time?

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