Elder Scrolls Online Builds Guide

The most creative aspect of The Elder Scrolls Online, is the building of ones character. With the ability to put your skill points into several different areas, it allows players to come up with their own unique ideas and builds, and most importantly builds that suit their play-style. In most games, you’ll be able to find one or two builds that are simply better than anything else — that isn’t the case with ESO builds, there are literally hundreds of great builds, and it’s up to you to create them.


ESO Class Builds
Right here at ESO Guide, we offer a few different builds that you can put to good use. Each one of these builds has a specific play-style behind it, and it is fully explained in the section below the build itself. We encourage players to mess around with these builds — tweak them and mold them into something unique, and then master it!

DK Leveling Build
Nightblade Leveling Build
Sorcerer Leveling Build
Templar Leveling Build
Should Class Really Affect Your Build?
Well, the short answer is yes, but not to the point you’d normally expect. Although making a build that compliments your class is effective, you can still come up with some unorthodox things, such as a Sorcerer with dual wielding swords. Now, that may not be the most viable build in the game, but it’s something you could definitely experiment with in The Elder Scrolls Online.

For those seeking a truly elite build, you’d want a solid race-class-build package, such as a Khajiit Nightblade with Dual wielding daggers. It’s important to note that there are plenty of other aspects to a build than just the weapons you wield, building involves leveling up various abilities and types of gear. However, like I said, starting off with a solid race and class combination is helpful to ensuring your build will be effective — this is the easiest way to start a good build, and the most important tip in this ESO Builds Guide.

Is it a Bad Idea to put All Points into one Area?
Again, the short answer is yes, but sometimes you can get a pretty solid build by putting the majority of your points into two or three distinctive areas — in-fact, there are a lot of great builds that follow this guideline. On the other hand, if you were to put just a couple points into every single possible area, you’d have a really crappy build (even worse than putting everything into one).

There is no single rule you can follow when building that will guarantee a good combination of skills, and it will take some practice, as well as experimenting before you find one that works really well.

Play-style is Very Important!
I can’t stress this enough, you should really look at your play-style when you’re trying to choose a build. Don’t just find a build online and copy it 100%, other people’s builds can be a great tool, but you should really only use them as a starting point — make sure you tweak them to make it your own.

Your play-style can be anything you want, it all depends on what you’re most comfortable with and what you want to do. If you want to be something who stays behind and heals their allies, and provides buffs for a group, that’s a great idea to start a build off with. Now, if you want to be a tank who is up on the front lines of battle, you wouldn’t want anything to do with the abilities you’d select as a support/healer.

Once you decide on a base play-style, start adding different elements to that play-style; something along the lines of a support/healer who focuses on melee buffs and AoE healing, is a complete build idea.

What Next?
After you’ve decided on a specific play-style you want to assume with this build, start searching for a sample build that you can alter to your specifications. It doesn’t have to be an exact replica of your idea (regarding the sample), if you’re looking for something like the build mentioned in the previous section, you’d only need something like a melee support/healer build — and you can throw in the AoE elements yourself

I hope you’ve been helped by this Elder Scrolls Online Builds Guide, and good luck on creating your next build! Make sure to check out some of our builds right here at ESO Guide.

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