One Shots: Bobble heads in The Elder Scrolls Online


Did we all have a good April Fools’ Day this year? Oh hush you; this is why nobody invites you to parties. I certainly had fun, especially while running around with my giant bobble-headed characters in Guild Wars 2. Giant bobble heads are scientifically proven to make any video game 75% more enjoyable.

Reader HawkEye sent me in a disturbing number of screenshots with his large noggins, but I chose this one because it also tickled me that the animals had their heads enlarged. “‘Sup Mister Ram?” HawkEye said. “Don’t headbutt me, okay? Please?”

I think that creature more wanted to end its misery than contribute to yours, HawkEye, so hopefully you survived the experience. What other strange views await you in the rest of this column? Probably nothingthis strange, that’s for sure.

After a solid week of crafting, reader Jonnyfive had a brand-new (if dinged-up) dune buggy to enjoy in Fallen Earth. And why shouldn’t he show it off to the world, I ask you? What have you spent an entire week making that does something useful? Oh hush, pregnant women. Nine months is dragging it out way too long. Jonnyfive built a giant car in a week, and you need the better part of a year to make a tiny pooping machine?

Please do not tell my wife that I wrote that, OK? It will be between you and me forever.

Speaking of screenshots that I had to jack up both the brightness and the contrast so that you wouldn’t think I’m merely posting dark black smudges on your monitor, here’s a mysterious view from EVE Online.

“After exploring low-security space for a few weeks, I thought I was ready to make my mark and headed to null sec,” sent in reader Taras H. “I found a remote and solitary system and launched my probes. Good, the system was full of data sites. As I warped into one of these sites, I saw something darker than space itself. In my amazement and horror I read its description ‘…is full of stars.'”

It’s about time that you guys started sending in Elder Scrolls Online pictures! This one is reader Bramendor standing next to his chosen method of suicide. “This is my Imperial Templar Magnus Warborn and a newfound tiger!” he gushed. Then he gushed blood. I’ll let you connect the dots.

This week’s screenshot challenge is to take a picture of a picture. Or a painting. Or a tapestry. Or any wall decoration that caught your eye, really. Let’s be so meta that it’ll hurt!

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