The most popular Elder Scrolls Online class is Nightblade

ESO is short for Elder Scrolls Online which is popular by many players of the whole world. There are many classes for the ESO, and every class has three unique skill lines, and a fair amount of flexibility in how they can be built. that so far the most popular Elder Scrolls online class is Nightblade.

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The Nightblade class is usually played as a traditinal rogue, in light armor with bow and arrows or paired blades. ESO’s customization options and flexibility allow a wide variety of builds, however, and a Nightblade tank can use heavy armor and still disappear from the battlefield when they feel like it. Heavy armor makes it harder to use the stealth skills, but it’s completely doable.

When the full game comes out, focus will shift to Sorcerers or Templars. We may alos see Elder Scrolls online classes expanding in the future with new classes or new class skills, which will lead to a shift is play styles and popularity. So there are many guesses before the ESO is released. And also many businessmen are planning to get big profits before and after ESO’s issuance.

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