How does buying ESO gold work ?

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In The Elder Scrolls Online multiplayer game, gold is used as currency. Usually, this currency is collected and earned by players as they travel.


The immense popularity of Elder Scrolls Online, however, created a demand for alternative methods of accumulating in-game currency. Many websites offer to sell virtual Elder Scrolls Online gold for real-world money.

Once virtual gold has been collected, it is offered for sale. Players use websites to select the amount of virtual gold they would like to buy. They pay using a credit card in an online transaction.

The in-game gold must then be transferred. This is done “face-to-face” between game characters. The player and the merchant meet in a prearranged game location and the player receives the currency.Buy Elder Scrolls Online gold on , the whole trainscation always just in 5-10 minutes!

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