By operating the winning Elder Scrolls OL will join the action elements

 Elder Scrolls
Elder Scrolls

The most recent news about the Elder Scrolls OL can be said that a considerable number , particularly on PVP in this regard. Recently Elder Scrolls OL ‘s PVP system developers and broke some new news about PVP , let us look together .
One every three months clearing quarter results.
The Elder Scrolls OL tell you from long ago would stop settlement results, but has not disclosed how long the settlement once.
But this is indeed very clear to tell you three months once settled , although the reaction Wheeler later said the player will be considered when testing and adjusting the length of the actual situation and the score is calculated by the balance sheet date. Even considering whether to add level restrictions and so on.
Two , RANK level reward system.
After the end of each season , players will receive a stage wearing the coat of arms available , and so as PVP rewards, and it looks pretty cool , oh heraldry . In addition to the heraldry there will look very handsome equipment.
Third, the in-game combat mechanics
The realism in The Elder Scrolls OL class MMORPG game, we will add a little style action , players can use their skills to dodge and walk off some of the attacks , or around behind enemy fatal blow to the enemy and so on. Of course , players can also block the front of the opponent’s attack and defeat the enemy .
But this is the test speed ah , and Wheeler also promised that the issue would be taken into account to avoid delays to the players because the network has brought unpleasant gaming experience , and the fact that they have to some extent already solved this problem.

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