How do you like the result of the vote on the elder scrolls online

Recently, a vote about the most popular region among players developed, there are the temporary result of the vote from the elder scrolls online forum, thus what do you think of the result?

the elder scrolls online forum

Well, 149 voters are involved in the vote, and it is the Valenwood that won the loudest voice considering the matter. One of the participants Batsman showed, Im pretty sure valenwood will be available at launch, the aldmeri dominions capitol is there.I actually think itll be available in full at launch, unlike skyrim, blackmarsh, or the summerset isles.

Under the circumstance, one of the members named Stinkyremy said,I am looking forward to seeing the Alik’r Desert most, although Valenwood would be a close second. There is something about the dessert that draws me to it, I want to see how the barren landscape is dotted with settlements and interesting sights.

After that, he added like this, I don’t think Valenwood is in at launch though unfortunately, also to answer your guys we will be able to travel to other factions areas after level 50, but no PvP and only dealings with your own faction. I don’t know how that will work and may be a bit boring traveling on your own.

Therefore, what will your preference for the region that will be come alive, come to join us!

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