Which Elder Scrolls Online alliance in teso do you prefer

There are several alliances in TESO, and some of them you might have been aware of. Thus, we would like to discuss the alliances in the game and you can show your preference for the elder scrolls online alliances.

the elder scrolls online alliances
The Elder Scrolls Online

The following narrations are some views from the participants.

On the one hand, someone called a wikia contributor showed that I’d choose the Stormcloaks even though for my main account I joined the Imperials and completed it and on my other load I play for the Stormcloaks and you can get clothing and armguards that look just like Ulfrics armor, but if you kill Tullius you get a unique armor that is the only one in the game or you can use console commands and cheat.

While on the other hand, another one said that on my original playthough, I joined the Stormcloaks because I was angry about the Imperials trying to forcefully change the nord culture. On my second playthrough, I still am, but I see how futile it is to fight a civil war when the real threat is the Thalmor. I ended up choosing the Imperials this time around, just to have a different perspective, but I still believe that this is a war with no winners. I do kind of want Tullius’ armor though, like that last guy said. It’s pretty cool.

To apply the below, there is a view that I was talking about online, but well said sir. I don’t have Skyrim but I consider myself a modest expert on the Empire Stomcloak civil war. You see I’m not a Viking kinda guy and at first glance the Empire seems in the right. Then I watched the first part of a playthrough. As a rule, I never ally myself with people who were about to behead me.

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