We are talking about the Elder Scrolls Online class

In the article we could see several days ago, the introduction of the elder scrolls online class seems a little sketchy, hence, we now prepare the detailed description for you that may help you to achieve your goal more easily.

We will focus on the thief classes only because of the limit of place. Although all thieves and thief sub-classes have the ability to pick locks, pick pockets, and steal items, various classes have certain advantages or disadvantages in these areas. The governing statistics for all thief classes are Agility and Intelligence. A high Speed rating is also very desirable.

the elder scrolls online class
Elder Scrolls Online

Then you ought to be aware of the six part of the thief classes, including thieves,burglars,assassins,rogues,acrobats and bards. Thieves use agility and speed to steal for a living. They are useful in combat to surprise the enemy, scout, or try for critical hits. Thieves are the fastest to rise in experience levels. Thieves have the ability to pick locks and pockets. This ability increases as the Thief increases in levels.

Burglars are very useful when exploring new dungeons, palaces, or other areas where others may be stopped by locked doors. Because of the delicate nature of their work, they are restricted in the armor they may wear and the weapons they may carry. They may not use shields. Burglars also receive a chance per level to score a critical strike when attacking an opponent, though they are not as adept at this as Thieves.

Well, the rest will be shared in the following articles, if you still care about them, please concentrate on our update news.

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