It is benefit for your development in the game

It is no doubt that we should be clear about the classes of every character in the game, which might benefits for your development in the later battles. Therefore, we will talk about the elder scrolls online and hope that it will makeĀ  you wise.

elder scrolls online classes

Thus, how important theĀ  elder scrolls online classes behave ?A high Speed rating is very desirable.

Although all thieves and thief sub-classes have the ability to pick locks, pick pockets, and steal items, various classes have certain advantages or disadvantages in these areas. The governing statistics for all thief classes are Agility and Intelligence.


To critical strike an opponent, Rogues have little chance per level. Rogues are thieves who have also trained in using arms and armor. They have combined the agile and cunning of their brethren with the skill of arms found in warriors. This makes them formidable and versatile. They are comparable in combat to the warrior class, but still retain the ability to pick locks and pockets. Rogues may wear up to chain armor and use any weapon or shield, with the exception of the Tower Shield.

Wizards and their subclasses use Intelligence and Willpower as their governing statistics. Wizards and their subclasses control the essence of magic. They are, at high levels, some of the most powerful characters available to play, mainly because of the wide variety of spells they can employ.


It is Warriors and their subclasses that are the strong arm of the Empire. They are versatile and useful in most situations, since there is no question that any problem can be solved with a sword. Unless otherwise specified, Warriors and their subclasses cannot ever cast spells. The governing statistics for warriors and their subclasses are Strength and Endurance. A high Agility is also desirable, since this directly affects their Armor Rating.

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