As fans hope Bethesda Elder Scrolls VI clearly pointed out that the sky DLC scam

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Fans love to play sky waiting for a long time , to hear developers talk about a new DLC. But when they did not speak, they did not give up , the fans think they’ll get the message . They say they will not provide any more DLC, because they want to focus on a new game .

It is very disturbing , of course , no one knows if the game is for the next generation of consoles or the current . Accordingly , the sky is now complete. Bethesda fans want more content will be launched after the Dragonborn , but now, they will have to turn our gaze to the steam workshops or creative suite.

They also said they will continue to update the ” sky ” , but it will be just a minor update , because they are focusing on a new game .

Dragonborn is superb and Dawnguard DLC, which makes it harder for fans to accept , there is not any more the way content title . Perhaps if there had been small, fans will be very happy. This does not happen now . Here to supply buy FFXIV Gil

Fans will be pleased to see that , when it reaches a new game console in either the old or new .

So you disappointed when Bethesda said that they had no new content ?

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