User feedback into a completely different game Elder Scrolls Online

Video game developer Bethesda ‘s Elder Scrolls serious online customer feedback , which is very unusual . When the game was first launched in 2012 , it immediately brought to its similarity to “World of Warcraft ” criticism. This is mainly the result of decision-making in Bethesda , rather than the team’s history first-person perspective using a third -person perspective .
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However, in a recent interview, Maria Aliprando, The Elder Scrolls Online biological combat designer revealed Bethesda back to the drawing board, the fans began to chime in.

“We had no plans to do a first-person perspective ,” she told Eurogamer ‘s . “The first -person perspective , in fact, direct feedback , so we definitely read all feedback forum , especially Bethesda forum .”

This is not a small undertaking . Aliprando first-person perspective explains that initially abandon due to technical reasons . Here you can buy the cheapest and most practical FFXIV Gil. Therefore , developers must overcome a series of major obstacles to meet the fan base.

“Through feedback, we go back and redo reinspired the first person [ perspective ]” Aliprando said. “We have an old prototype , just did not work , we have now is what we really going .”

Bethesda fact , willing to face the problem of such a large scale , in order to appease the fans say a lot about respect , this group of requirements. However, we do not know , if the work has paid off , until Elder Scrolls Online released next year .

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