Skyline MODS Spotlight – Luftahraan: Heimfeigr Project Horizon HD overhaul Riften Adds New Dungeon

It ‘s been a while since we last see the sky , do not you think? Well, today we bring you two just released the new mods. Both of MODS Luftahraan: Heimfeigr and project skyline HD : Rift Valley City series. Luftahraan: Heimfeigr added a new dungeon to Bethesda title, is divided into five cells , one of which contains a fully scripted boss also fought in World of Warcraft ” and ” Diablo .

Will include Luftahraan: Heimfeigr in Luftahraan Department of Defense has developed 18 months. It adds a new city skyline world space , located in the west of loneliness, as well as the surrounding land and villages in a large area . Luftahraan will come with their main task , as well as numerous side quests , a functioning fully integrated into urban life on the stage , as well as more than 100 of the NPC.

Team recommends , Heimfeigr has been released, because at this point Luftahraan been a long time in development, which is keen to people still continue to accelerate the development of :

“We also want to showcase some of our design principles in action – focus on interesting puzzles ( not just involve a spinning statue ) and challenging boss battles ( not just involve the players up monster devouring 47 healthy syrup, while marking time , repeatedly hitting them ) , as well as attention to detail , we plan to bring a lot of dungeons, will be on display at Luftahraan, not just Heimfeigr of things . “Here to supply buy FFXIV Gil

On the other hand , the project horizon HD : Rift Valley City series, designed to bring Rift look never seen before a complete new . From scratch , all textures have been optimized to provide you with the best performance and the best look, you would expect from any HD MOD. In short, this will change the entire Department of Defense and the rift within the outer region .

As Maude showed that:

“I have tried to remain lore friendly as possible , of course, my personal preference , the first approach in the design of the city and I want to share with the MOD, because I think many of you liked this , of course, a lot of you do not like it , just like everything in life , so feel free to try those “

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