The Elder Scrolls Online PVP faction would be fair and balanced, said Zenimax Online

The Elder Scrolls Online, players will choose one of three factions members, and according to Zenimax Online, players will have a profound camp decided the benefits and consequences of MMO.

Speaking of a fan Q & A, Zenimax says factions will fight in massive battles in the game world, the developers have been identified, everything will balance things. Their way, they do so through the implementation of alliances to ensure an alliance does not fill the entire population ceiling for each campaign.

“Three of the battle, the real balance option to allow more players than the system option if one is overpopulated, the two sides together, the Union” posts.

“There is also alliance trailing capture resources award score and keep the score winning coalition, if it is unbalanced and you will get more points, maintain and resources winning coalition and holds its own to keep, to help you catch the total score. Finally, you can maintain a smaller group than you might expect shooting, even in densely populated Union, there really making claim to the throne. ”

This will also apply to smaller battles.

“From the entrance of the town and the location of many of the tasks league all send you into enemy territory if you’re looking for a massive fight to keep fighting outside, there is a good chance that you will come across the Chorrol, Cheydinhal, Bruma , Cropsford, or Vlastarus nearby enemies. ”

The Elder Scrolls Online scheduled in 2014 in Mac, PC, PS4 and Xbox release.

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