2013 Cologne Game Show Interview: The Elder Scrolls Online PvP faction wars lead contours, Dark Age of Camelot legacy and more

Many people may know, I like my memory Dark Age of Camelot, and in the Cologne Game Show, I had an opportunity to have a Brian Wheeler, lead PVP designer Elder Scrolls online chat. Brian is his legacy as a myth glorious RVR MMORPG, developed ESO development team as some people proud.

Bryan is good enough to share a lot of detail, the familiar three factions How will the upcoming war was won by ZeniMax Online Studios, and outlines the similarities and differences Dark Age of Camelot. If you train with love stealth also have something for you of the match.

You can check out the video just below the complete interview, remember, just yesterday, we also released another interview with lead game designer Nick Konkle.

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