The Elder Scrolls Online Preview: Finally an MMO worth diving into

The Elder Scrolls Online Easily one anticipated MMORPG released. Of course, as an Elder Scrolls game, it also has the most to live up to. I established at PAX Prime may still be in Alpha, but I see everything, seems to presage a game, is not only ready to live up to people’s expectations, but exceed them.

Bleakrock Island, a snowy location – presumably start – the Ebonheart Convention “began my journey. Anything, I was immediately stretched the game gorgeous visuals. Admittedly, these demos usually show a high-end computer, but the field game looks beautiful – probably the most beautiful I’ve ever seen in a MMO for quite some time in this huge world is pure attention to detail and exciting environment after taking crisp details in my capacity as the North Dragonknight the way, I began.

The Elder Scrolls Online has a relatively unique in the MMO leveling and skill system, I’ve seen, but it is also a game that excites me the most. It uses a basic attack / block system; left-click attack, then right-click on the block, but if the time is correct, you can achieve some very smooth fight. Seem to grasp the key block, waiting for your enemy’s attack, so you can stop and fight back. At the perfect time, may lead to blocking your enemies in a short stunning, holding left click allows you to perform heavy attack. Combat is definitely more than I’m used to with most online games slow, but the balance of attacking and blocking to create a structured, dance-like experience rewards you have on your skills.

It was a long time since I’ve seen the excited MMO, but it certainly Elder Scrolls Online has many positive now. My hand in customs clearance lasted about one hour is not enough time to fully consider the MMO, especially large-scale TESO, but it gave me new faith in the MMORPG genre. The Elder Scrolls Online is due to PC, Microsoft Xbox and PlayStation 4, although I’ve played on the PC.

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