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The Elder Scrolls Online scared me a little bit. I’ve never played online games, World of Warcraft or any other MMO EVE Online or never started. For starters, I’m not a PC gamer, but I also know myself. I know that I would be sucked into this game, the next thing you know it will become my life’s obsession. If you look back at my life, I spent the sky 217 hours, it is difficult to imagine the number of hours, I would put Elder Scrolls Online. I may not play other games once.

Recently, I read TESO is to charge a monthly fee. It took a lot of wind, I picked up the sail that game. But then I started to crunch some numbers. Let’s say I had a full retail horizon (I did not do it, I got it in the bundle when I bought my current 360). Play “Skyline 217 hours, and pay $ 60, breaking about 27 cents an hour is not too shabby, huh? Then I collapsed subscription fee of $ 15/mo. Example, I play 54 hours a month about two hours, it was a night almost every night now, when I put 54 hours $ 15, I suddenly realized that I have to pay about 28 cents per one hour to play this game, which is about the same, I paid the sky, but with the sky, this amount will continue to decrease, because I play, TESO, it will be the same, month after month.

Suddenly, I feel I can wait for Elder Scrolls VI. Especially with games like Grand Theft Auto V out. From what I know is what that game is not a subscription model, and will provide hundreds of hours of gameplay. But the dragon do? Sadly, probably not. I would not say I will never play TESO, I might take into account the first month, you do not have to pay to subscribe, but if I ever do start, there’s a good chance I may never stops, which the Bethesda a very happy company.

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