Elder Scrolls Online can be played entirely without magic

Players can explore and battle across the world of The Elder Scrolls Online without ever using magic, according to a recent post on the game’s official website.

In an “ask my anything” style post in which developers answered questions about the game, it was revealed players can allocate all their skill points to armor and weapons skill lines or use only Fighters Guild abilities. In this way, players can avoid using all spells and magic.

Before entering a dungeon, players will be able to decide what function they would best serve within a group — whether that be healing or dealing high amounts of damage. Players will select icons corresponding to these abilities that will let other players know what role they think they can best fill.

“We understand that people might not be as accurate with their assessment of their own skills as others might like,” reads the post, “but we feel it’s more important for the community to have control over the tools instead of using an arbitrary rules system that might not work well with our more open-ended advancement.”

The post also notes Elder Scrolls Online will be “fairly forgiving” when it comes to aiming. Players will need to aim at or very close to their target for abilities and attacks.

As for beta keys, the post notes that Bethesda has sent out “tens of thousands” of keys already, and that three million players have currently signed up for the beta of The Elder Scrolls Online. Invites will continue to be sent out over time and the company will announce the next round of keys on the blog.

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