WildStar locks you down for a look at crowd control

Whether it’s made up of stuns, knockdowns, sleeps, or disarms, there’s a whole part of MMO gameplay dedicated to making sure your opponents don’t get to do anything. The latest WildStar Dev Speak video notes that this is an important gameplay aspect that’s also very challenging to manage from a design perspective. After all, having the ability to disable others adds a lot of strategic depth… but absolutely nobody enjoys being beaten on by multiple opponents without being able to do anything.

So what’s the WildStar solution? Simple: Make sure that even crowd-controlled players have something to do. If you’re stunned, you can mash on a key to try and break out early as in many fighting games. Knocked down? Use a roll to get back on your feet quickly. Disarmed? Run over and grab your weapon! You can see several forms of crowd control in the video below, and while the changes might not prevent you from being stunlocked by seven people, you can at least react with something other than patience.

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