TESO rogue is introduced


From real life to virtual game world, rogue are always available, the rascal can’t be afraid, afraid rascal have culture, if the game in a very strong ability of rascal, what should we do, in a world of ESO is such a thing happen.

The world of Elder Scrolls is filled with colorful, fantastical creatures, and The Elder Scrolls Online is no exception. In the latest edition of Creating ESO, the team at ZeniMax Online details the mischievous and dangerous scamp, a small Daedra who will be familiar to players of Morrowind and Oblivion.

Scamps can cast fire-based spells and have their own special language. And despite their small size, they are menacing foes for Tamriel explorers caught with their defenses down. You can see the scamp in action after the break.

I love the way the scamps carry themselves. It’s a subtle difference but it makes them look much more menacing than they did in Morrowind and Oblivion.

Granted, in those games they’re not really supposed to be menacing, but still.


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