The Elder Scrolls Online gets some myths dispelled

The myth that the game features no huge and disgusting spiders is quickly dispelled.

Are you looking forward to seeing what happens when the developers at Bethesda finish working on The Elder Scrolls Online? Are you unsure how the game’s Skyrim-based combat will work when accounting for lag in your aim? Do you have a fear of having everyone grouped on a single server? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it’s probably a good idea for you to take a gander at the video below the cut, because all of those questions are based on misconceptions that the video aims to correct.

The fansite Tamriel Foundry has put together a short video hitting several of the most common misconceptions about The Elder Scrolls Online, explaining both the inaccurate belief and the truth of the matter. This covers everything from the actual developers (Zenimax Online) to the changes to the combat system (you won’t be actively aiming, with the game instead establishing a soft target lock on your selected target). Even if you think you know all there is to know about the game already, it couldn’t hurt to sit and watch — and maybe have a few mistaken ideas cleared out.

Ok so let me get this strait. The game is all on one big mega server, claim it’s open world, but there is going to be phasing? Meanwhile you are unable to travel to another factions territory? Sorry but thats not open world. Thats a MMO like SWTOR that is completely instanced with no open world pvp. (No thanks)

Secondly the Lore they created for this game is completely and utterly reversed to the original Elderscrolls games. High elves of the Aldmari Dominion hate wood evles, and see all other races as inferior or as slaves. So why are Khajiit a part of the Dominion? Khajiit were used as slaves and seen as animals in the Dominion.

Conclusion, it’s nice you guys debunked some of the nonsense going around but it still seems with the features in place they have right now, I don’t think people will be impressed. People who have been playing MMORPG”s like myself are sick and tired of playing instanced MMO’s. I don’t even play them anymore because they are a waste of time and money. ESO is not an open world game. it is a themepark, instanced mash-up redundant copy of everything else (World of Warcraft, Rift, Everquest 2, Warhammer Online, SWTOR) that has been redone over and over for the last 13 years. Please prove me wrong


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