TESO updates its site and adds a story page


The Elder Scrolls Online does not want for backstory. If anything, its biggest obstacle is the surfeit of backstory presented over the course of five games, enough so that even setting the game during a previously unexplored time can cause issues. So it’s not surprising that along with a massive overhaul to the official website, the game’s team has put together a new story page providing series fans with a solid set of information to place the upcoming game in the context of its fellow installments.

Seeing that page may still not entirely comfort longtime fans of the lore, which is why the site has also provided a new article explaining how the team at ZeniMax Online Studios is handling writing for TESO. The short version is that the game has intentionally been set in a time period during which players have plenty of space to shape the world without derailing future parts of the game, and the team has been working very hard to keep the lore of the new game in line with past and future developments.

This is why I say wait before you pass judgement, When this game was first announced everybody was “OMG WOWSKYRIM LOLZ” and its going to blow ect.. Now the opinion has flopped most people are positive about it. All it took was a little alpha game play info… not even footage lol. I personally wish the best for all MMO’s and give encouragement through feedback. If I have concerns I make them constructive.  I’m sure the developers have people who skim all these gaming sites for feedback on their games and all that negative feedback back when they revealed the game had to hurt the teams morale. I mean there is nothing you can do with “YOUR GAME IS GOING TO SUCK!” But a simple “I’m concerned with the skill system” Well they can work with that.

I guess you could call me an “MMO hippie” and this is why I am poor I buy every MMO lol. Even if they cost 60 bucks and I only get a month out of them that is still more time and enjoyment than I usually get out of a console game of the same cost, so I’m cool with it.

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