Play The Elder Scrolls Online at Gamescom this August

The Elder Scrolls Online concept art

Going to Gamescom this year? If so you can get your hands on a playable demo of The Elder Scrolls Online. ZeniMax is bringing its MMO fantasy opus to Cologne for Europe’s largest gaming con from August 22nd through August 25th.

ZeniMax’s website update says that Gamescom is its first Euro convention, but it’s certainly not the last. Further details about TESO’s 2013 event docket are forthcoming.

No one is debating their financial status, that isn’t being called into question at all.  What I and others would like to know is why the playthrough’s that we are seeing at gaming conventions isn’t indicative of how the actual game plays.  Until we see the FULL game at conventions (wildstar did that at Pax), instead of just these little glimpses of how the game could be.  We will continue to have doubts.

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