Leaderboard: WildStar vs. The Elder Scrolls Online

Leaderboard - WildStar vs The Elder Scrolls Online

We haven’t had a knock-down drag-out battle royal between two heavyweight MMOs on Leaderboard in quite a while. And hey, there’s no time like the present, amirite?

Let’s say that in one corner we have WildStar, NCsoft’s sci-fantasy darling. And let’s say that in the other corner we have The Elder Scrolls Online, ZeniMax’s attempt to take the mega-popular single-player RPG series online.

Which game do you see being more successful? Which game tickles your fancy the most? In short, WildStar or ESO? Vote after the cut!
Ever wish that you could put to rest a long-standing MMO debate once and for all? Then welcome to the battle royal of Massively’s Leaderboard, where two sides enter the pit o’ judgment — and only one leaves. Vote to make your opinion known, and see whether your choice tops the Leaderboard!

Leaderboard: WildStar vs. The Elder Scrolls OnlineWildStar    3609 (57.8%)
TESO    1390 (22.2%)
Both    791 (12.7%)
Neither    458 (7.3%)

What you all seem to be forgetting is the simple fact that 95% of the people in the beta hate it and knew it was going to fail. Sure, some people in a beta won’t like a game, but for the vast majority? Not a good sign. Have you guys seen the leaked video online of someone in the beta playing? It looks like he’s playing a concept of a game, and a very terrible one. And last, but not least, remember that Bethesda has absolutely nothing to do with this game. They’re giving some help on it, very little, but for the most part they don’t want to be affiliated. In fact, look it up, they fought tooth and nail for the game not to be made in the first place. They didn’t want their name on such shoddy work. I love TES, but I’ll wait and play one when it’s an actual wanted release by Bethesda, not one released by some crooks with a gun to their head.


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