TESO’s gameplay and mechanics


Can’t get enough coverage of The Elder Scrolls Online? Did yesterday’s hands-on and interview with Paul Sage leave you craving more? We’ve got you covered with some in-game video footage and a dash of extra details — narrated by me! — from my recent trip to ZeniMax Online Studios.

Learn about the design philosophy behind ESO as well as some details about synergies, finesse, and character progression. There are also tiny bits of information regarding mounts and vampire skills. Is your curiosity sufficiently piqued? Let me tell you all about it after the break!

Players have to distribute a limited number of points (which they can respec) between health, stamina and magicka. Plus you can only have 2 weapons at a time you can switch between and 5 abilities set with each. Plus you have a limited number of slots for passive abilities. Plus there’s a limited number of equipment slots and equipment can be enchanted with different effects.

You can’t be an uber mage/tank/archer all at the same time. Since you can eventually max everything you can do it at different times by changing your stats, equipment and passives.

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