The Elder Scrolls Online answers questions

Not featured: Snakes in a river.

If you’re a fan of The Elder Scrolls Online, you were probably glued to the livestream earlier this month. But a single stream doesn’t give you nearly as many answers as you’d like to have. So the development team took the opportunity to answer questions that potential players had about the stream, from game mechanics to elements as innocuous as UI components. And even if you were watching the stream with rapt attention, there are probably details that you missed.

For example, the answers reveal that the game no longer includes a minimap, using a compass instead to encourage more player exploration. The party seen in the dungeon was also roughly level-appropriate, meaning that the healing and damage on display was roughly indicative of what players can expect from actual combat. Several of the animations shown were more or less finalized, but other elements (such as first-person mode) are still being tweaked. You can catch a few more tidbits from the full set of answers on the official site.

The spells looked weak, the animations looked horrible, archery looked worse than in Skyrim(at least in Skyrim you can mod Archery and make it amazing) and the rest of the combat felt clunky. They have a lot of work. Since, they have decided to leave out the rpg and make it a combat game they need to focus on the combat.

I’m an ES fan I’ll hit 2000 hours mark in Skyrim next month and already got thousands of hours out of Morrowind and Oblivion. I plan on giving ESO a try but since its a combat game with a little bit of rpg thrown in I’m not sure how it will hold my attention when Archeage and EQNext is available and both of them are overflowing with innovation and immersion.



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