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E3 drives hype and fan hysteria like no other video game event, but there’s no one central thing for PC gamers to really pin their hopes on. There is no PC gaming conference where some stitched-together hybrid of Valve, Blizzard, Nexon, Riot, Wargaming.net, Nvidia, Dell and AMD walks onstage and decrees with forced senior vice-president enthusiasm “This is what you will play and this is how you play it.” PC gaming isn’t about being given one choice, it’s about freedom of choice. If no PC games at E3 look good, PC gamers don’t have to clench their fists in frustration as they wrestle with the squirming disappointment of a future bereft of interesting gaming opportunities – they can just go play one of the thousands of awesome games not represented at the show.

At E3 2012, even though PC gaming isn’t really the focus, there were still some great titles shown off, many of which are multiplatform. We were running around the Los Angeles Convention Center this week trying to find the best ones, and below you’ll find 20 highlights.

Arma III

“You can run across gigantic environments with a gun in hand and search for targets, but you can also jump into land vehicles and scan the ridges of hills for enemies using a white hot infared targeting system or take off in a helicopter and cut through the skies, pummeling land targets with machine gun fire and rockets.”

Assassin’s Creed III

“City life is more dynamic than ever before. The citizens, resentful of the occupying British forces, will actually help you take on your enemies, luring them down alleys while you wait around the corner. The more you help them, the more they’ll favor you.”Borderlands 2

“After eliminating all enemies in sight, you then scour the battlefield for money, new guns and health power ups, then charge into the next area to kick start your next killing spree. It’s gleeful, joyous, nearly nonstop guiltless slaughter.”

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

“Change is coming to Call of Duty, and Black Ops 2 presents not only an evolution in terms of the technology you’ll be playing with, but also in regards to the franchise’s storytelling and design.”


“You’ll have a choice to join up with the anti-vampire Dawnguard faction, or side with the bloodsuckers to gain the ability to freely transform back and forth between your human form and that of a Vampire Lord.”

Dead Space 3

“John Carver does not get along with Isaac Clarke. The hardened soldier, a new character for the franchise and the second player in Dead Space 3’s cooperative campaign, has no interest in Isaac’s psychological scarring and personal trauma.”


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