Do single-player games influence your MMO choices?

No, no, I... am... Batman!

OK, I admit it. I’m not playing many MMOs this week (Heresy! Burn the infidel! Etc.). I’ll log a couple of merc matches in Global Agenda and maybe complete a faction quest or two in Age of Conan, but almost all of my gaming time is going toward Rocksteady’s glorious Batman sequel.

Arkham City is so good, in fact, that it’s made me patch my long-neglected DC Universe Online client just in case I feel like soaking up some more Gotham City atmospherics while I’m away from my Xbox 360. And how sad is that, seriously?

Anyway, since this is the Daily Grind and not the daily-random-game-related-rambling, I’ll cut to the chase in favor of the traditional question: Do single-player games influence your MMO playing?

no not rely single-player games does influence my MMO choices. It is what the MMO delivers that makes me pick the game and how fun it is but so far every MMO I played so far has bored me to death with all the slow combat and slow leveling up and boring quests that repeats them self over and over. I only hope that one day a new mmo will come that is interesting.

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