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Bethesda on new MMO: keep waiting!

Sometimes, as bloggers, we feel bad for game developers. They try so hard to give us straight-forward interviews on their pet projects, and all we do in return is try and get them to slip us information on another, even bigger pet project. A Blizzard producer being interviewed about Wrath of the Lich King? I’ll bet you ten bucks he gets asked about their “next-gen” MMO. Cryptic employee trying to discuss the terms of their separation with NCsoft? So, how’s that Marvel Universe Online going? And in the case of a recent interview with CVG, Bethesda’s Peter Hines came in to talk about Fallout 3 and the first question he’s asked?

So is there any progression down that avenue with the franchise at the moment, with the MMO?

Oy vey! Well, in case you were wondering, Mr. Hines didn’t have much to say on the subject of Zenimax Online, their new online studio, beyond that because they are a start-up, it’s unlikely that we’re going to hear any announcements for quite some time. Well shoot, it was worth trying, right? In the mean time, we’re going to be left to sit and ponder on this cool Sunday evening about what kind of game they could make if NOT an Elder Scrolls MMO.


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