Skyrim Online mod aims to take the game

Skyrim - dragonslayer

OK, stop me if you’ve heard this one before. “The Elder Scrolls is awesome, but I wish it was an MMO.” Apparently some enterprising modders have similar designs, and if a full-blown massively multiplayer conversion seems unlikely, a small-scale online version of Skyrim looks very possible.

GameFront is reporting on a new mod for the PC version of the game (you did buy the PC version, didn’t you?) that takes the celebrated series into the online realm. According to the mod’s author, it will allow you to “play with your friends, chat with people worldwide, [and] trade with other players.” No word yet on lootstealing or ganking noobs.

FPSWin has some early video footage of the Skyrim Online experiment which we’ve embedded for you after the cut. It’s definitely not polished (the animations are poor and the player characters are glitchy), but there is a functioning chatbox. If nothing else, it’s a start, amirite?


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