Matt Firor on The ESO’s ‘100% solo’ personal story

Screenshot -- The Elder Scrolls Online

Games in the Elder Scrolls series have always been about giving players the opportunity to become the game’s hero, and it looks like The Elder Scrolls Online will be no different. The title’s game director, Matt Firor, has announced that each character’s main storyline in the game will be “100% solo.”

Firor points back to the previous entries in the series, stating that “in The Elder Scrolls games, you’re always the hero… The last thing you want to do is have the final confrontation with Mehrunes Dagon as he’s stomping across the Imperial City, and you see like 15 guys behind you waiting to kill him.” While it’s a good point, we can’t help but wonder what kind of an impact this design will have on the social aspect of the MMO, but at this point all we can do is wait and see. Firor’s full interview over on Game Informer has plenty of extra information as well, so if you’re jonesing for more details, just head on over and check it out for yourself.

Sigh . Before development even starts you get the feeling it might be another company that just dont get mmos . To me its sounds like it could be a standard solo rpg with mmo gameplay added as an afterthought . Now theres nothing wrong in that if the game is buy to play but when you expect people to pay a monthly fee for something that feels like a solo game with rpg elements then thats when it falls flat on its face .

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