Talking with Nick Konkle about The Elder Scrolls Online’s design

E3 2012 The Elder Scrolls Online

Our fellow feathered friends at Joystiq visited the Elder Scrolls Online booth at this week’s E3 and caught up with Lead Gameplay Designer Nick Konkle about the game’s look and feel. Konkle made the point that each of the Elder Scrolls game had its own aesthetic, and TESO will carry on in this tradition: “Every province has its own look, but we aim for the realistic — for the cool.”

Konkle dives into what will make TESO its own unique creature. One of the mechanics he explained was the game’s hotbar. The first two buttons are dedicated to whatever weapon you’re wielding, the next three are chosen abilities from your class, and the last button is an ultimate skill derived from your class. “In addition to those six things, everyone has these skills that are always available: sprinting, ducking, and blocking,” he said.

What is ZeniMax doing to ease those familiar with the lore but not MMOs into the game? “From the very beginning, we didn’t set out to make a really big, standard MMO,” Konkle said. “Nor did we set out to make a Skyrim clone and just put it online. We set out to make a great game. So we don’t just have the standard MMO controls, abilities, and rotations like you’re used to.”

You can watch the 11-minute interview after the jump for more information on TESO’s combat and social systems.


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