Elder Scrolls Online exalts the Unforeseen Queen

I totally didn't foresee a queen, dude.

The Elder Scrolls Online’s latest lore entry is asking you to read between the lines just a little bit. On its surface, the entry is straightforward enough, giving players a peek at the reigning queen of the Aldmeri Dominion. Ayrenn the Unforeseen Queen is just another one of the Alliance leaders, right? But the fact that the entry is written in the style of an in-game document allows for some additional hints to be dropped along the way.

In the official documents, Ayrenn is nothing more or less than the culmination of tradition, a perfectly prepared queen to lead the High Elves. But it becomes clear from the story that this is a queen who left her tradition behind for quite some time until she decided to return, a woman more than willing to break the rules to obtain what she wants. Take a look at the full entry and get ready to bend your knee to the queen in the game, since she may very well bend it for you otherwise.

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