Elder Scrolls Dawnstar (Skyrim)

Dawnstar is one of the major cities located in Skyrim. It is the capital of The Pale, and serves as a garrison village along the northern coast of Skyrim. Governed by Jarl Skald the Elder, it is a small village, consisting of two rival mines, a small dock and a small number of residents. Dawnstar is one of the colder settlements in Skyrim; along with Winterhold and Windhelm, it resides in perpetual snow and ice.

Dawnstar review: Dawnstar is a fishing village on the northern coast of Skyrim. While it may not the most interesting village in the 9 Holds, Dawnstar provides a few opportunities to earn some Septims. There are two mines in the village: the Iron-Breaker Mine and the Quicksilver Mine, both of which should be considered if one needs a few Septims to buy supplies. Another point of the interest in the village is The Mortar and Pestle, an alchemy merchant that sells plenty of ingredients for the budding alchemist. And finally we have the tavern, The Windpeak Inn caters to many an adventurers needs. Food and wine are offered, as well as a relatively comfortable bed. Alas, Dawnstar is a simple village at most, not very close to the main roads, but it is a good place to rest and resupply if you happen to stumble upon it in a storm.

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It was after the destruction of a fortress in Dawnstar during 2E 283 that Potentate Versidue-Shaie declared martial law, leading to one of the most brutal and bloody periods in the history of Tamriel.[1] [2] This also led to the creation of the Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, and Thieves Guild during the Guilds Act. [3][4]

The village was rebuilt at least before the end of the Third Era[5]. However, it is noted in the Pocket Guide to the Empire, Third Edition: Skyrim that Macella was the Queen of Dawnstar, and had married King Thian of Solitude.
Points of interest

TESV Banner Dawnstar
TESV Banner DawnstarThe banner of Dawnstar.
Inns    Windpeak Inn


The Mortar and Pestle


Beitild’s House
Brina’s House
Fruki’s House
Irgnir’s House
Leigelf’s House
Rustleif’s House
Silus Vesuius’s House
Brina’s House

Jarl’s residence

The White Hall


Iron-Breaker Mine
Quicksilver Mine


Dawnstar Barracks
Khajiit Caravan

Notable inhabitants

Abelone – Maid at Windpeak Inn.
Alding – a Pirate of Blood Horkers.
AlesanHF – An orphan boy who delivers food to the miners.
Beitild – Owner of Iron Breaker Mine, and Dark Brotherhood target.
Bodil – Miner working in Iron-Breaker Mine.
Borgny – Miner working in Quicksilver Mine.
Brina Merilis – Prominent citizen, Imperial legion member.
Bulfrek – Servant of the Jarl Skald the Elder.
Captain Wayfinder – captain of the ship in Dawnstar
Edith – Miner working in Quicksilver Mine.
Erandur – Priest of Mara, potential follower.
Frida – Alchemist, shop owner of The Mortar and Pestle.
Frorkmar Banner-Torn – a Stormcloak commander.
Fruki – Miner working in Quicksilver Mine.
Gjak – Miner working in Iron-Breaker Mine.
Gjuk – a Pirate of Blood Horkers.
Guthrum – Shipman.
Horik Halfhand – Bodyguard of Brina Merilis.
Irgnir – Miner working outside Iron-Breaker Mine.
Irlof – a Pirate of Blood Horkers.
Jod – Housecarl of the Jarl Skald the Elder.
Karita (Bard) – Bard at Windpeak Inn.
Karl – Miner working outside Iron-Breaker Mine.
Leigelf – Owner of Quicksilver Mine.
Lond – Miner working outside Quicksilver Mine.
Madena – Court Wizard to Jarl Skald the Elder.
Ravam Verethi – Shipman.
Rustleif – Blacksmith.
Seren – Rustleif’s pregnant wife.
Silus Vesuius – Owner of the Mythic Dawn Museum.
Skald the Elder – Jarl of Dawnstar.
Stig Salt-Plank – a Pirate of Blood Horkers.
Thoring – Innkeeper of Windpeak Inn.

Nearby points of interest

Dawnstar Sanctuary
Nightcaller Temple


Waking Nightmare can be started at Windpeak Inn.
Pieces of the Past can be started at the Mythic Dawn Museum.
Becoming Thane of The Pale can be started by speaking to the Jarl or Brina Merilis
Collecting the fine cut void salts can be started by speaking to Captain Wayfinder.

Fleeing follower

Traveling to Dawnstar when a member of the Companions is a follower may cause them to flee inexplicably from a random battle with a dragon.
Merchant’s chest

To the left of the Dawnstar Mine, there are some trees and a couple of rocks. Crouch and search around the rocks and the option to search an invisible chest appears. The chest contains the contents of a Khajiiti merchant named Ahkari, denoted by the presence of Moon Sugar and Skooma (cargo appropriate for an Elsweyr smuggler) within the chest. It is possible to take all the items without any consequences. To make the contents in respawn, face Ahkari within interaction distance, wait 48 hours then ask what she has for sale.

There is a chance that each time talking to Ahkari about what she has for sale will have some items in the chest change randomly, making each visit to the chest a little different.


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