E3-Quests (Skyrim)

Quests (Skyrim)

Quests are tasks the Dragonborn can perform in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Various persons can initiate quests, allowing for rewards to be gained by completing them. Sometimes, rewards are monetary or come in the form of items. Other times, quests increase skill levels or open opportunities to recruit followers or make marriage proposals.

The “main quest” denotes tasks the Dragonborn is compelled to complete as part of the game’s main story. Other quests can be performed for a guild or faction, while others are considered side quests, which skirt on the periphery of the game’s plotlines.

As with most of The Elder Scrolls titles, there are quests for each of the Daedric Princes, excluding Jyggalag. Unique to Skyrim are Radiant Quests, quests which are initiated as part of the Radiant Story artificial intelligence system. These quests can be repeated an infinite number of times, allowing for never-ending gameplay.

Two separate questlines were added to the game with the official plug-ins, Dawnguard and Dragonborn. For coverage of these quests, see Quests (Dawnguard) and Quests (Dragonborn).


The interface listing all quests can be activated through the map menu or by accessing the journal directly. PC versions of the game allow the journal (pressing “J”) to be accessed directly, while consoles open the journal, game settings, etc through the same button. Quests are listed by faction and relevance to the main quest first, and alphabetically second. Thus, quests in the main quest appear first, but quests involving the Thieves Guild appear later. Miscellaneous quests are grouped together on a separate menu, accessible from the very bottom of the list of quests.

Most quests can be completed in any order, upon activation. However, quests markers will not appear on the world map, on the compass, or in-game unless they are marked as active in the interface. Simply selecting the affirmation button activates the quests, once it has been highlighted in the list. Completed lists are listed at the bottom of the quest menu, below a divider. The names are greyed out, and the bullets next to the objectives are filled, indicating completion. In the menu, quests that are partially completed also have their objectives greyed out or ticked off. Optional tasks within the quest are labeled as such in the list as well.

Main quest

The main quest of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim involves the investigation and resolution of the Dragon Crisis, as foretold by the Elder Scrolls. Two factions must be joined in order to progress the main quest, the Blades and the College of Winterhold. “Paarthurnax” is completely optional and can be completed after the main quest. “Season Unending” operates under special conditions; completing it halts the Civil War questline, while completing the Civil War questline causes this quest not to appear, since it is no longer necessary.
Act I

Before the Storm
Bleak Falls Barrow
Dragon Rising
The Way of the Voice
The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller

Act II

A Blade In The Dark
Diplomatic Immunity
A Cornered Rat
Alduin’s Wall
The Throat of the World
Elder Knowledge
Alduin’s Bane


Season Unending
The Fallen
The World-Eater’s Eyrie
Faction quests

Quests performed for the various factions are not considered part of the main questline. Choices made during faction quests are non-canonical, lore-wise. Each faction contains several Radiant Quests which can be completed an innumerable amount of times.

Dark Brotherhood

Delayed Burial
Innocence Lost
With Friends Like These…
Mourning Never Comes
Whispers In The Dark
The Silence Has Been Broken
Bound Until Death
Breaching Security
The Cure For Madness
Recipe For Disaster
To Kill An Empire
Death Incarnate
Hail Sithis!


Contract: Kill Beitild
Contract: Kill Narfi
Contract: Kill Ennodius Papius
Contract: Kill Lurbuk
Contract: Kill Hern
Contract: Kill Deekus
Contract: Kill Ma’randru-jo
Contract: Kill Anoriath
Contract: Kill Agnis
Contract: Kill Maluril
Contract: Kill Helvard
Contract: Kill Safia

Side quests

Locate the Assassin of Old
Honor Thy Family – Gain re-entry to the Dark Brotherhood. radiant quest
Dark Brotherhood Forever – radiant quest

Other quests

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!
Where You Hang Your Enemy’s Head

The College of Winterhold

First Lessons
Under Saarthal
Hitting the Books
Good Intentions
Revealing the Unseen
The Staff of Magnus
The Eye of Magnus

Side quests

Arniel’s Endeavor
Daedric Relic
Out of Balance
J’zargo’s Experiment
Onmund’s Request
Brelyna’s Practice
Rejoining the College

Radiant quests

Given by Urag gro-Shub

Fetch me that Book!
Shalidor’s Insights

Given by Tolfdir

Finding Tolfdir’s Alembic

Given by Sergius Turrianus

Enchanting Pick-Up
Restocking Soul Gems

Broken quests

Lost Apprentices

Master-level spell quests

Alteration Ritual Spell
Conjuration Ritual Spell
Destruction Ritual Spell
Illusion Ritual Spell
Restoration Ritual Spell

The Companions

Take Up Arms
Trouble in Skyrim – radiant quest.
Proving Honor
The Silver Hand
Stealing Plans – radiant quest.
Blood’s Honor
Purity of Revenge
Glory of the Dead

Side quests

Animal Extermination – radiant quest.
Hired Muscle – radiant quest.
Family Heirloom – radiant quest.
Escaped Criminal – radiant quest.
Rescue Mission – radiant quest.
Striking the Heart – radiant quest.
Retrieval – radiant quest.
Totems of Hircine – radiant quest.
Dragon Seekers – radiant quest.

Thieves Guild

A Chance Arrangement
Taking Care of Business
Loud and Clear
Dampened Spirits
Scoundrel’s Folly
Speaking With Silence
Hard Answers
The Pursuit
Trinity Restored
Darkness Returns
Under New Management

Side quests

Imitation Amnesty
Summerset Shadows
Silver Lining
The Dainty Sload
Deliver Moon Sugar to Ri’Saad
The Bedlam Job – radiant quest.
The Fishing Job – radiant quest.
The Numbers Job – radiant quest.
The Burglary Job – radiant quest.
The Heist Job – radiant quest.
The Shill Job – radiant quest.
The Sweep Job – radiant quest.
No Stone Unturned

The Blades

Rebuilding the Blades
Dragon Hunting

Bards College

Tending the Flames
Find Rjorn’s Drum
Find Finn’s Lute
Find Pantea’s Flute


A New Order
The Bloodstone Chalice
Prophet (Dawnguard)
Prophet (Vampire)
Seeking Disclosure
Chasing Echoes
Beyond Death
Unseen Visions
Touching The Sky
Kindred Judgement

Vampire Quests

Protecting the Bloodline
Ancient Power
New Allegiances
Culling the Beast
Deceiving the Herd
The Hunt
Destroying the Dawnguard
Rings of Blood Magic
Amulets of Night Power
The Gift

Dawnguard Quests

Hide and Seek
Preemptive Strike
Cleansing Light
Hunting the Monster
A Jarl’s Justice
Lost Relic
Ancient Technology
Bolstering the Ranks

Civil War quests

The brewing Civil War in Skyrim is between two main factions, the Legion and the Stormcloaks. Both sides have the same tasks, with plenty of individuals throughout the region relaying the deeds of both sides. Minor factions, especially in Whiterun between the Battle-Born and Grey-Mane families, exist throughout the empire. Siding with either side impacts gameplay.
Imperial Legion

Joining the Legion
The Jagged Crown
Message To Whiterun
Defense of Whiterun
Reunification of Skyrim
​False Front
The Battle For Fort Dunstad
Compelling Tribute
The Battle for Fort Greenwall or The Battle for Fort Sungard (depending on the outcome of the main quest Season Unending)
Rescue From Fort Kastav
The Battle For Fort Amol
Battle For Windhelm


Joining the Stormcloaks
The Jagged Crown
Message To Whiterun
Battle for Whiterun
Liberation of Skyrim
Rescue From Fort Neugrad
Compelling Tribute
The Battle for Fort Sungard or The Battle for Fort Greenwall (depending on the outcome of the main quest Season Unending)
False Front
The Battle For Fort Snowhawk
The Battle For Fort Hraggstad
Battle For Solitude

Daedric quests

Prince     Quest
Azura     The Black Star
Boethiah     Boethiah’s Calling
Clavicus Vile     A Daedra’s Best Friend
Hermaeus Mora     Discerning the Transmundane
Hircine     Ill Met by Moonlight
Malacath     The Cursed Tribe
Mehrunes Dagon     Pieces of the Past
Mephala     The Whispering Door
Meridia     The Break of Dawn
Molag Bal     The House of Horrors
Namira     The Taste of Death
Peryite     The Only Cure
Sanguine     A Night to Remember
Sheogorath     The Mind of Madness
Vaermina     Waking Nightmare
Nocturnal     Thieves Guild*

To earn Oblivion Walker 15 Daedric artifacts must be collected. These can be collected during the above quests, although some outcomes of the quest do not yield artifacts. This is based solely on choices made during quests.

* Does not count towards Oblivion Walker achievement.

Dungeon quests

The following 24 quests relate to specific dungeons and maps. Quests listed with “*” appear as Miscellaneous Quests in the Quest Journal, and are named according to the Official Skyrim Game Guide.[1]
Quest name     Location
Medresi Dran and the Wandering Dead     Angarvunde
A Love Beyond Death     Ansilvund
Composure, Speed, and Precision     Angi’s Camp
Leap Before You Look     Bard’s Leap Summit
Melka and Petra     Blind Cliff Cave
Repentance     Darklight Tower
Siege on the Dragon Cult     Forelhost
What Lies Beneath     Frostflow Lighthouse
The Pale Lady     Frostmere Crypt
A Scroll for Anska     High Gate Ruins
Ancestral Worship     Hillgrund’s Tomb
Forgetting about Fjola     Mistwatch
Hunter and Hunted     Moss Mother Cavern
The Lost Expedition     Nchuand-Zel
The Nilheim Scam     Nilheim
Otar’s Mad Guardians     Ragnvald
The Legend of Red Eagle (Quest)     Rebel’s Cairn
Wilhelm’s Spectre     Shroud Hearth Barrow
Ysolda’s Shipment     Sleeping Tree Camp
The Savior of Selveni Nethri     Southfringe Sanctum
Infiltration     Treva’s Watch
Evil in Waiting     Valthume
Silenced Tongues     Volunruud
Ashore in a Sea of Ghosts     Yngol Barrow

Miscellaneous quests

Sorted by place of acquisition: hold, city, or place. Some are actual Side quests and have their own quest lines which count towards the “Sideways” achievement. Others are miscellaneous objective and count toward the “Hero of the People” trophy and achievement.

Blood on the Ice – side quest.
Repairing the Phial – side quest that requires The White Phial and the Throat of the World.
The White Phial – side quest.
Harsh Master
Rise in the East – side quest.
Find the Thalmor Assassin
Argonian Dock Workers
Shavee’s Amulet
Deliver Adonato’s Book to Giraud Gemane
Return Queen Freydis’s Sword to Oengul War-Anvil.
Plant Viola’s Gold Ring in Viola Giordano’s House.


Find the Forgemaster’s Fingers


Find Roggi’s Knot-Beard’s Ancestral Shield

Darkwater Crossing

Deliver Sondas’s Note to Quintus

Falkreath Hold

Steal the Private Letter for Dengeir
Destroy the vampire Vighar
Deliver Berit’s Ashes to Runil


Help Valdr clear out Moss Mother Cavern


Light’s Out! – side quest.
The Man Who Cried Wolf – side quest.
The Wolf Queen Awakened – side quest.
Speak to Greta about going to the Temple of Divines
Convince Vittoria Vici to release the Spiced Wine Shipment

Dragon Bridge

Dragon’s Breath Mead

Old Hroldan Inn

The Ghost of Old Hroldan


Laid to Rest – side quest.


Forbidden Legend – side quest.

Kjenstag Ruins

Open Kjenstag Tomb

The Pale

Visit the Museum in Dawnstar
Rising At Dawn
Collecting the fine cut void salts for Captain Wayfinder
Collect a Quicksilver Ingot and sell it to the mine owner

The Reach
Soljund’s Sinkhole

Soljund’s Sinkhole of Draugr

Left-Hand Mine

Clear Kolskeggr Mine


The Lost Expedition – side quest.
The Heart of Dibella – side quest.
Bring The Last Scabbard of Akrash to Ghorza
Bring Hjalti’s Sword to the Ghost of Old Hroldan
Bring the Stallion’s Potion to Roerek
Bring a Daedra Heart to Moth Gro-Bagol, the Jarl’s personal blacksmith
Kill Nimhe inside Nchuand-Zel Excavation Site
Investigate the Hall of the Dead
Bring a Dwarven Helmet to Calcelmo
Talk to Mulush about Omluag, at the smelter
Speak to Kerah Deliver ring to Calcelmo
Speak to Ondolemar about Ogmund’s Talos worshipping
Retrieve Lisbet’s shipment from Deepwood Redoubt
Recover Hrolfdir’s Shield


The Forsworn Conspiracy – side quest.
No One Escapes Cidhna Mine – side quest.

Salvius Farm

Speak to Rogatus Salvius Deliver a letter to Leontius Salvius

The Rift
Froki’s Shack

Kyne’s Sacred Trials – side quest.

Heartwood Mill

Fight or Flight


Gather 10 bear pelts for Temba Wide-Arm
The Straw that Broke
Deliver Klimmek’s Supplies to High Hrothgar


A Chance Arrangement – side quest.
Taking Care of Business – side quest.
Promises to Keep – side quest.
Retrieve Grimsever
The Lover’s Requital
Retrieve an ore sample from Shor’s Stone
Ingun’s Task
The Raid – a Skooma Trade quest.
Supply And Demand – side quest.
Unfathomable Depths – side quest.
The Book of Love -side quest.
Bring three flawless Amethysts to Talen-Jei
Bring 10 Fire Salts to Balimund
Speak to Marise Collect 5 Ice Wraith Teeth.
Help Wylandriah
Retrieve Wylandriah’s Soul Gem
Retrieve Wylandriah’s Ingot
Retrieve Wylandriah’s Spoon
Embarrass Haelga
Obtain a Mark of Dibella from Indaryn
Obtain a Mark of Dibella from Hofgrir Horse-Crusher
Obtain a Mark of Dibella from Bolli
Help Madesi with his business
Find 2 flawless sapphires for Madesi
Find a mammoth tusk for Madesi
Find Gold Ore for Madesi
Deliver the purchase agreement to Kleppr in Markarth

Whiterun Hold

Missing in Action – side quest.
In My Time of Need – side quest.
The Blessings of Nature – side quest.
Bring one Mammoth Tusk to Ysolda
Talk to Mikael about Carlotta
Argonian Ale
A Night to Remember
The Whispering Door


The Golden Claw – side quest.
Love Triangle

Winterhold Hold

Find the Helm of Winterhold
Assist the people of Winterhold
Drowned Sorrows

The College of Winterhold

Enchanting Pick-Up
Restocking Soul Gems

Septimus Signus’ Outpost

Discerning the Transmundane


A Return To Your Roots

Bounty Quests

These can be given by innkeepers when asked about work or rumors. Any of the Jarls or stewards can give these when asked for work. The Bounty Note identifies the type and location of the bounty.

Kill the leader of Bilegulch Mine
Kill the leader of Bruca’s Leap Redoubt
Kill the leader of Dragon Bridge Overlook
Kill the leader of Druadach Redoubt
Kill the leader of Lost Knife Hideout
Kill the leader of Pinemoon Cave
Kill the leader of Red Eagle Redoubt
Kill the leader of Stony Creek Cave
Kill the leader of Deepwood Redoubt


Kill the bandit leader at Broken Oar Grotto
Kill the bandit leader at Four Skull Lookout
Kill the bandit leader at Halted Stream Camp
Kill the bandit leader at Nilheim
Kill the bandit leader at Redoran’s Retreat
Kill the bandit leader at Rift Watchtower
Kill the bandit leader at Silent Moons Camp
Kill the bandit leader at Winter War
Kill the bandit leader at Valtheim Towers – journal entry may say “Valtheim Keep”.


Kill the giant at Bleakwind Basin
Kill the giant at Broken Limb Camp
Kill the giant at Cradlecrush Rock
Kill the giant at Secunda’s Kiss – journal entry says “Secunda’s Shelf”.
Kill the giant at Sleeping Tree Camp
Kill the giant at Guldun Rock
Kill the giant at Steamcrag Camp
Kill the giant at Blizzard Rest


Kill the dragon at Ancient’s Ascent
Kill the dragon at Autumnwatch Tower
Kill the dragon at Bonestrewn Crest
Kill the dragon at Dragontooth Crater
Kill the dragon at Eldersblood Peak
Kill the dragon at Lost Tongue Overlook
Kill the dragon at Mount Anthor
Kill the dragon at Northwind Summit
Kill the dragon at Shearpoint
Kill the dragon at Skyborn Altar


Quest all Drunks Have
Rare Gifts
Some Light Theft
A Few Words with You
Investigate the Bards College
Dungeon Delving
Rebel’s Cairn
Visit The College of Winterhold
Go to Endon in Markarth and pick up the item.
Amulet of the Moon

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