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Journey to Tamriel through the eyes of other ESO fans.

A Game of Chance: Chapter 5 – By Iogairn on TESOF

The cooking by the fire in the old mining village. Old Nana telling stories to the other young children. Papa soothing mother, in her late stages of pregnancy, with his calm Reachman accent. A blackbird circles overhead. Iogairn was stroking the cat. It didn’t have a name. It was just ‘the cat’. Suddenly the cooking fire envelops the village. The cat leaps out of his arms and flees. Iogairn realised then that the bird was not a blackbird. It was a crow. It went straight for his mother.

The Brawler – By Do’Rakk on TESOF

“You’re so slow Ja’Rakh! Ha ha ha! OOF!”

“Behave yourself young cubs, we are expecting guests.” Dro’Brahi was the steward of the house. He was a kind old Khajiit, though tended to be stern with Ja’Rakhar and his brother J’urabi. The cubs took to calling the old cat “Whiskers.” His many years showed through his silver fur, and under certain light, his whiskers seemed to shimmer as if made of crystals. “Now come along you troublemakers,” he said, “we must get you ready for your father’s company.”

[Daniyah] The Temerity of Youth – By Dyna on TESO-RP

Daniyah gripped her spear with pale knuckles, her heart somewhere in her throat as she stared straight ahead, motionless – outwardly, she was calm as a still lake on a cloudless day. But beneath the surface of her apparent indifference, she was roiling and frustrated.

Fan Music

Battle of the Alliances – By AndyBeatz


Ready and Armed – By Tristan Sydni


Summerset Isles – By Matthew Shine


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