The Elder Scrolls V:Dawnguard quests and story

While it is true that there is a light at the end of the tunnel — regardless of

which mythical beastie you decide to go with, when the story and quests in the

Dawnguard expansion are over you can seek out and obtain a cure that will turn your

character back into a human (or whatever passes for species for them)…  If you want

to.  I suspect that many gamers will not want to, because both the Vampire and the

Werewolf each come with some pretty amazing perks as well as formidable powers, and

bear in mind that unlike with the Vampire, the Werewolf form has very little actual

or intrusive impact on play as a human (or whatever you are).
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion image
With respect to the game, game play, and the story to be found here, history repeats

itself again as, just like with the base game, the folks at Bethesda brought gamers a

lot more bang for their buck and an intense, immersive, and very addictive story,

with a unique set of challenges to boot!  Sadly I cannot tell you about the things I

would change if I could, because 99% of those wants would constitute a spoiler if I

did…  Bearing in mind that there are only around ten things I would change, and

most of those relate to interpersonal relationships between the characters in the

game, and not any major game-changing issues, but still…  My respect for you is so

great that I simply will not risk spoiling any of this for you because — and I am

sincere when I say it — this is one awesome adventure and you should savor every

second of it!

When you consider that this expansion arrived just as the worse part of the annual

Summer Doldrums was setting in — that period each year when so few new games are

released that it often leaves gamers struggling with boredom and nothing to play —

and clearly here was something to play!  I can say that in many ways I envy the

gamers who had not played the base game until this summer, as I can easily imagine

their pleasure in playing through that prior to starting the expansion, and the

satisfaction that the experience certainly delivered!

So, as I wrap this up, I offer a hearty “Well Done!” to Bethesda and specifically to

Todd Howard, the lead designer and man with the iron fist who shaped the game and its

expansion.  While there is no official word on the matter, a quiet word at this

year’s E3 from someone who would know suggested that there will be at least three

more DLC offerings for TESV — and possibly more than that.  And if they are only

half as big — and half as good — as Dawnguard, we are in for a treat!

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